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Monthly Series for Parents of High School Seniors: Saying Goodbye

The “Last Time” Moments of Parenthood (2) (1)

Note: each month we're giving parents of seniors a spiritually encouraging "checklist" to capture the best moments from senior year. Sign up to automatically get a full year's worth of memory-making ideas, plus these articles as monthly emails HERE.

August: A new chapter begins

It's time. (Cue dramatic music in the background.)

Your teen leaves this month for a new adventure. The process of saying goodbye will be bittersweet for both of you (yes, even for them, though they may not show it). Take time every morning to thank God for the time he's given you with your son or daughter, and practice releasing them into his hands for this new chapter. This transition feels like a big leap of faith because it is. Trust him to encourage, comfort, provide, and guide both of you this month.

3 Ideas for August

A memory to capture: Treasure last moments
Part of saying goodbye is treasuring as many everyday moments together as you can, so unleash yourself to do any or all of the following:

  • watch them sleep peacefully during their last nights at home
  • hug them repeatedly
  • snuggle even if they resist
  • tell them how much you love them.

In other words, indulge your sappy side as much as you need to. These are the last moments. Soak them in.

A conversation to have: Talk with your teen about how much you'll communicate together during the first month of school.

Consider your needs and theirs, and come up with a plan that feels appropriate and healthy. For instance, will you check in every night? Just every night for the first week and then weekly afterward? What day of the week do you want to set aside for catching up? Etc.

An exercise to let go: Pack their first "going away" care package

Bundle essentials that might get missed while moving, like a first aid kit, new journal, a framed family photo, favorite snacks, etc. Do it now before they leave for school. (You'll have intentions to do it later but it will be harder to follow through.)

A verse to reflect on:

Numbers 6:24-26

May the LORD bless you

    and protect you.

May the LORD smile on you

    and be gracious to you.

May the LORD show you his favor

    and give you his peace.

A parting invitation: Fellow parent, this is the last message in our monthly series. After this month you'll be the parent of a college student, which is why I'd like to invite you to join a new series of monthly devotions for parents of college students. Let's stay connected to each other, and connected to God, as he leads you through this next school year.

Sign up for devotions here.


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