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These powerful monthly messages for parents of high school seniors offer practical ideas and heartfelt encouragement for making the most of your time together before they leave!

As a parent of  high school senior (and 4 other kids who've already graduated) I know firsthand the infinite value of making the most of every last moment with our kids during their senior year and the summer before they leave for college. I had so many visions in my head of what I really wanted from those final months...but I knew they needed to be simple and practical, and I needed to chart them out so my busy life wouldn't overtake everything.  So I created this month-by-month series of ideas for myself, and thought I'd share it with everyone!

Each month's devotion gives you:

  • A memory to make: These SIMPLE monthly memory-making ideas will help you celebrate who God made your teen to be, and to commemorate your time together as a family before they head out on their own.
  • A conversation to have: These prompts will give you the starting point for sharing the words and advice on your heart with your son or daughter as you talk through the future together with prayer and wisdom
  • A practice for letting go (by sharing a key life-skill) These shared activities will reinforce important life skills (such as cooking, budgeting, etc.) to successfully launch your teen into college life. You'll both have an extra boost of confidence and peace about their next steps.
  • A scripture to hold onto: The email series also offers one additional, much-needed benefit: spiritual encouragement. Letting go is HARD but you’re not alone! Each month you’ll receive a Bible verse to remind you to rely on Jesus and journey through the months ahead with his peace and comfort.

Join me and remember that you're not alone.

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