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Monthly Series for Parents of High School Seniors: May


Note: each month we're giving parents of seniors a spiritually encouraging "checklist" to capture the best moments from senior year. Sign up to automatically get these articles as monthly emails HERE.

May: Time to capture every moment

You guys...MAY is here!

THIS is the month...the one on the calendar with the word GRADUATION written in big letters! (Unless your school district graduates in June, of course. Carry on.)

Since the first day you dropped your son or daughter off at kindergarten you’ve probably anticipated this nebulous future day with joy and dread. And now it's for REAL.

This month is going to be wonderful. And weepy. And full of hope, and nostalgia...and a whole lot of busy! In other words, May is intense. For you, and for your senior.

As a mom who's survived four kids' high school graduations and counting, here's this month's installment of the 4 ways to make the most of senior year with your loved one.

1. A MEMORY TO CAPTURE: All of it.

There’s no way to focus on just one memory to capture in May. Between graduation ceremonies, parties, and events, you’ll have plenty on your hands. But pay attention this month, because some of the most important memories to capture might be subtle, searing "last-time" moments you'll want to pause long enough to treasure. As much as possible, black out your schedule for the month to be present to everything, and make every little event a "Big Deal." Because it is a big deal.

2. A CONVERSATION TO HAVE: Ask your teenager, “What are your top three favorite memories during high school and why?”

Your teenager (yes, even your son who typically communicates in grunts and monosyllables) will be sentimental right now, which is why it’s a great time to reminisce about favorite high school memories. Share a walk down memory lane. Make your own list of observations, too. You've invested a lot in the past four years; take time to enjoy an opportunity for reflective conversation!

3. AN EXERCISE IN LETTING GO: Write a heartfelt letter (or make a personal video message) to your son/daughter about what you’ve witnessed in their life journey that makes you proud. 

Note: you might feel like your guts are in knots when you compose your thoughts to your kiddo, but don’t skip this step. This is your chance to not just focus on accomplishments and talents but also acknowledge any challenges they've overcome, celebrate examples of their heart and character, and affirm God’s purpose for them.

4. A BIBLE VERSE TO HOLD ON TO:  Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

OK... I kinda just snuck in this 5th idea since today is the official launch of my new book, Release My Grip: Hope for a Parent's Heart as Kids Leave the Nest and Learn to Fly. It's a book I've poured my heart and soul into for other parents on this journey of letting go, because as we know by now, there is no manual for how to do this. And there still isn't one...but if you're looking for perspective, insight, and wisdom from a fellow parent who has been down this path and is cheering you on, then this book is for you! Enjoy! (you deserve it!)


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