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A husband. A dad. A non-deserving hero.

My  wife called me her hero today!

I love it when she says that.  I wish I gave her more reasons to say it. And I wish it was for more significant reasons...

I'm her hero today because, after laying around the house all day while she was sick, I went out and grabbed fast food for the family.

Yes - seriously.  That's all it took.

You know what that tells me?  She's looking for reasons. She's looking for every opportunity to see me as her hero.

So when she doesn''s on no one but me.  Because if all it takes is a McFlurry and some french fries to be her man of steel, imagine what I could be if I put some effort into it.

Because a hero is not an errand boy, a makeshift butler, or periodic babysitter.

A hero is an intent listener.  

A hero is a dream inspirer.  

A hero is someone who makes her better.

So as much as I love being called my wife's hero for something so meager - it really reminded me that I haven't been her hero at all.

And I need to be.  

I want to be.

So throw some tights and a cape on this bad boy and let's see what he can do!

Because more than a provider, more than a lover, more than partner...I want to be her hero,too.

Because she is mine. 

How are you being a hero for those you love this week?


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