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Confessions of a Workaholic Dad


My son, Isaac, was home for spring break last week.  (If you read this blog with any regularity, you know my eldest son went to college this year and that I am still in recovery!)

I'm making progress though- I didn't even cry when he left this time!

At least not where people could see me!

We enjoyed a week of stay-cation while he was here with us.  After our recent move, it was a great opportunity to explore our new city as a family.

And then another cool moment happened: Isaac was offered a summer internship at the church where I work.

As we were talking about it, he said one of the reasons he was so excited about the role was the assurance that he would get to see me this summer since we'd be working together.

And that line drove a cold, steel spike straight through my heart.

He knew he would have to come to work in order to spend time with me.

I've blown it again.

I've always danced around the edges of workaholism.

And it's easy to justify as "altruistic" when you're in a "helping" profession like youth ministry.

And though I've attempted balance, I've never fully achieved it.

I still haven't.  In fact, in an honest moment, I'm hardly even trying because "I'm in a new job."

Isaac wants a job with my church so he can see me. My other two sons are quick to wonder "why I'm home so early" 7:00 PM.  And my wife has simply accepted the fact that she gets my attention one day a week...if I'm being really good with turning off my phone.

Sometimes fearless conversations come in the form of innocent one-liners.

I need to make a more valiant attempt at balance.

But I'm glad my family isn't afraid to tell me...even when they don't know they're saying it.


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