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7 Ideas to Refresh Your Routine With Jesus

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I'm a creature of habit. I actually like routine and predictability. I know that makes some of you cringe and others of you nod your head in agreement. Regardless, it’s how I operate.

But recently I’ve changed some things up—and I’ve really enjoyed it. Last week I painted a 30-year-old dining hutch that was passed down to me from my parents. This may not seem like a big deal to you but it was definitely out of my comfort zone. I took a risk and I love how it turned out. And just the other night, after my son’s bath, I put pajamas and tennis shoes on my 3-year-old and we went for a walk. He carried a flashlight and we enjoyed a nice, cool evening before he went to bed. The change in routine was a welcomed gift.

It may not surprise you, then, that my changing my routine has impacted my quiet time with Jesus as well.

You see, I typically get up at the same time each morning (plus or minus nine minutes depending on if I hit “snooze”), grab a cup of coffee, sit in the same chair with my Bible, devotional, and journal, and do the same thing almost every morning.

But sometimes (without meaning to sound shallow) my quiet times just become routine. Predictable. And the way I feel about my relationship with Jesus then follows suit. It lacks the vibrancy, spontaneity, and relational intimacy I desire in my walk with Jesus.

Maybe you can relate.

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And although the discipline and daily habit of getting alone with God is great, He wants us to feel alive and fresh in our relationship with Him.

So, if you feel like you need to change your routine with Jesus, here are a few suggestions:

7 Ideas to refresh your routine with Jesus

  1. Sit in a different place. Try getting outside, sit in a different room, or just in a different chair. This may give you a whole new outlook as you read Scripture or pray.
  2. Take a walk! Thank God for the different things you see that He created (flowers, clouds, rocks, birds, etc.).
  3. Listen to worship music. Many of the lyrics to Christian worship songs come straight from Scripture. As you worship, listen to attributes of God, or the mention of new identity you have because you are a child of God.
  4. Use a journal. Write out a prayer instead of praying silently. Or make an A to Z list of things you’re thankful for, or characteristics of God, or promises that God gives us in the Bible. Make your list in one sitting or work on it for a longer period of time.
  5. Pray out loud. If you’re used to using a journal for prayer, take a break. Pray out loud--standing up, sitting down, or kneeling. Walk through your home praying for the different members of your family or different needs you have based on the room you're standing in.
  6. Grab a book that challenges you in a spiritual area you need to grow in. If you can, highlight or underline in the book as things stick out to you. Look up Scripture references that are mentioned so you read the Bible.
  7. When it doubt- open up the Bible. Don’t worry about using a book or devotional--simply open the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to what you read. Read a Psalm or Proverb corresponding to the day’s date (ex. read Proverbs 14 on the 14th of the month). If you're most familiar with the New Testament, then trying reading through an Old Testament book like Joshua or Esther. Or read through John in the New Testament, specifically focusing on the claims Jesus made about who He was.

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Try it! Sometimes things just need a change, and our time with the Jesus is no different. Do something new or out of the ordinary for you and see what a difference it makes.

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