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Stepping Out in Faith: Encouraging Words For Facing Crucial Decisions As A Family

encouraing words for facing crucial decisions as a family

I love the book of Ruth. It’s been one of my favorites since I was a kid, and not because of the way it ends.

I love it because of the way it begins.

It's the first 22 lines, I think, that really draw me in. The story can either move forward or come to a screeching halt based on one decision: Ruth has to choose to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, to a new place, or stay where she’s comfortable.

I’ve always wondered what I would decide in that moment. Honestly, the temptation for me is usually to remain comfortable. I tell myself that it’s best for the family, that my kids will do better if I don’t change anything. I’ve lived most of my life thinking it would be really cool to brave and willing to step out, but fearing that if I ever really did get the chance, I’d choose comfort. Then when my husband was offered a job in Berlin, Germany, I got the chance to see what my reaction would really be.

The idea was exciting... at first, but when it came time to respond to the offer, I was terrified.

The life we’d built in Colorado was a really good one. I loved my job and the kids loved their friends. But, I questioned, what if Berlin held even more than we could imagine? I wondered if what was going on in my mind was the same thing that went through Ruth's. It was uncomfortable to think about going and staying. In the end, we said yes to the opportunity because we knew that it was from God. As a family, we took a step out, and moved to Berlin.

Encouraging Words For Facing Crucial Decisions As A Family

Sitting now and reflecting on the experience, I realize that each of us face these crucial decisions more often than we know. God may not be calling you to move halfway around the world, but he might be calling you to a new job, to stay at home with your kids, or to go back to school. As much as I thought I was avoiding change, I can see that my life has been riddled with it.

Chances are, so is yours.

We stand in these uncomfortable places many times throughout life, as Ruth, one step away from following God’s call into the unknown or remaining where we’re comfortable.

As the story goes, Ruth's sister-in-law, Orpah (also a widow in Ruth's same position) decides to stay behind, and we never hear from her again. Her story ends the moment she she turns back. Ruth, on the other hand, takes a chance on Naomi and on Naomi’s God, and she’s written into the rest of the story simply by accepting the call to move to a new land, risking it all, and trusting that she will make it through.

My hope, for myself and for you, is that no matter how big or small that change is, we will boldly embrace where God sends us

Is God calling you and/or your family to step out in faith and try something new? How will you respond to him?

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