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(Podcast) Best of PRATJ: Is Harry Potter Evil?

Season 4, Episode 29: Best of PRATJIs Harry Potter Evil?

Harry Potter, yoga, meditation, and Dungeons and Dragons—for some Christ-followers, these are fun, entertaining, and healthy activities. Others firmly believe they're a gateway to evil.

Which view is correct?

Join Rick and Steph as they explore what it means to "open yourself to dark influences." Using Paul's advice to the Corinthian church as a guide, let’s discuss why activities are acceptable to some Christians, but not for others.


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  • Marcia

    My comment is on the “Is Harry Potter Evil?” Two things to consider that I did not hear: one is do I want Harry Potter to influence my children while I am trying to raise them as Christians? Are they grounded and mature enough to discern fact from fiction? I decided they were too immature to read the books as children, and were not ready for their influence if potential evil. My time reading with them would be better focused on the Bible and Christian literature. Two: with Yoga it could be considered a form or worship- worshiping and bowing to the gods Yo and ga. No way do u want to worship or bow down to a false god. I do stretch and go to stretching classes-but not yoga

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