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Two super-simple goal-setting worksheets for the new year










Goal-setting gives some people hives, and it makes other people giddy.

For the record, I’m part of the first crowd. There’s all this talk about setting “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, and as far as I’m concerned, things that require a five-point acronym sound suspiciously complicated. I get twitchy just thinking about it.

Besides, for us Jesus-followers, setting goals is a gray area anyway. On the one hand, focus and discipline is a fruit of his Spirit within us; it helps us keep his priorities. On the other hand, he’s far less interested in how our goals are progressing than he is in how open, humble, and sensitive we are to his leading (which is often spontaneous, unpredictable, and can deviate from our agenda). This can effectively kick all our goals to the curb.

I'll concede that goal-setting has its value

In spite of these tensions (and twitchiness), however, I’ll concede that goal-setting does have its value. I appreciate the focus it gives me, especially when I’m collaborating with Jesus to set the goals from the beginning.

So this year I’m keeping goal-setting simple, starting first by asking Jesus what his plans are, and then by using one of the following worksheets to jot down a few things to focus on. Join me!

Two worksheets that keep goal-setting simple

These two super-simple worksheets take slightly different approaches to goal-setting. Each one takes only a few minutes to complete, and will leave you with a concrete focus for the months ahead.

>> Get the worksheets

My recommendation is to concentrate on the next three months rather than trying to set goals and resolutions for the whole year (too much!). Picture yourself at the end of March, ask Jesus to show you where he’d like you to be, and then fill out your favorite goal-setting worksheet.

Have fun and let me know how it goes.

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  • Carol

    I’m trying this! I’m a procrastinator with big ideas! ?

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