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(Podcast) Episode 011: Playing on the playground

Episode 011: Playing on the playground

What does it mean to be like children? When kids get on the playground they rarely get too caught up in whether they can actually climb that tree, they just climb it. And if they don't get themselves up on the branch the first time, they just keep trying again. They are free from expectations; they're just playing around after all.

Join Rick Lawrence, Becky Hodges and extra special guest Stephanie Hillberry as we play around with Jesus this week. We're going to ask Jesus to give us a verse and then just go ahead and talk about it. Come join along with us as we play with Jesus and invite him into our lives.

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  • Becky

    I really enjoyed this, thank you. I think we are like the deciples sometimes, we are so busy going about our business we don’t even realize Jesus is right there with us, walking and talking to us, and we don’t even know it’s Him. But He wants us to slow down and listen and include Him in oir everyday life.

    • Stephanie Hillberry

      Thanks for listening, Becky! What you say is so true. I’m curious if you have any suggestions for how to slow down. It seems like such a hard thing to do in today’s world.

  • Becky

    Stephanie, slowing down is very hard,yes,in todays world,especially as a woman it seems we have so much placed on us,work,family, home. Everyone turns to Mom for help and advice. I know at the end of my day, I have to make a point to go to my room, shut the door, sit in my rocker and open the word. We just have to make it a priority. I would surely go insane if I didn’t have the word to open. Sometimes we just have to let everyone know, hey, I need to sit.

  • Robert J DeVassie

    Wow! I so enjoy listening to your podcasts. I can hear our Good Shepherd’s voice through your lips. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Trina

    I am a new listener going through the podcasts chronologically and I must say that I truly enjoyed this one. During the part where Jesus breaks the bread and then disappears, I correlate it to a mic drop.. like BOOM! Truly awesome picture in my mind.
    Thank you for sharing your ministry.

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