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(Podcast) Episode 009 The Truth About Civility, and How Jesus Redefines Love

Episode 009: The Truth About Civility, and How Jesus Redefines Love

In a culture where “civil discourse” is the stuff of nostalgia, and brutal back-and-forths are the norm, there are no more “safe zones” for respectful disagreement. Conversations are now simply an onramp for scorched-earth diatribes and personal attacks. And what does Jesus think about all of this? Well, that’s a no-brainer, we say, because he’s such a nice guy. That would be comforting if it was true. Jesus was shockingly tender to some, and shockingly forceful with others. Join Rick and Becky to to learn why Jesus so radically changed his approach, based on the person he was engaging, and how we can serve a higher mission in our relationships than mere “civil discourse.”

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  • Terry Hellrood

    On post-election day while listening to how we tend to compartmentalize our lives, it hit me that I can no longer let social media posts that spew a hateful attitude just slide by without comment. On Facebook my post was on following the Bible instructions to be tolerant and love each other. Followed up with comments on every FB friend’s post that was snarky, mean and hateful. In a loving way I try to convince people to lead the healing with compassion. The Holy Spirit was my inspiration but it came during your podcast. Thank you!

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