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Would You Share Passwords With Your Spouse?

Would You Share Passwords With Your Spouse?
I recently read an article by a well-known pastor where he referenced different ways couples can use technology to connect and build their relationship. One of his suggestions was to share passwords to each other's accounts, specifically for social media. Beyond the convenience of sharing information, he says, "...there's a built-in accountability when your spouse can view your social media private messages at any time."

What do you think about this suggestion? Personally my husband and I don't currently share passwords with each other, and I hadn't considered doing so until reading this article. I have mixed feelings about it; on the one hand it would add accountability like the article says. On the other hand, it could feel like surveillance.

Would you share passwords with your spouse?

What about your thoughts? Do you share passwords with your spouse, or would you like to? Share below--

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  • Joe

    Of course my wife knows all my passwords. She also has my permission to pick up my phone or tablet at any time and go through them to look for anything she so chooses. I can’t imagine there would be much trust between us if we didn’t feel comfortable being able to share these things with each other. What possible reason would I have for her not to know my passwords, unless there was something I didn’t want her to see? That being said, over the nine years we’ve been married, she’s picked up my phone maybe twice. We trust each other in everything. That’s not always easy, but we also try not to put ourselves in situations that make it harder than it should be.

  • John

    My wife and I share all our passwords. Since day one we have shared passwords to e-mail, facebook, anything with a password. This holds us accountable to each other. Recently we combined our facebook accounts and we now share one facebook account. This has helped with communication with family and friends (so we both were not posting the same things…ect.) and adds another level of accountability. We have done this not because we had to or because we ever questioned the other person, but we did it to add a level of accountability and security for each others. This is an area the the enemy will not get a foot hold in our relationship. As a pastor I know what the enemy can do to destroy trust and relationships, so we are proactive to make sure that there is no question in our relationship.

    This also gives us the chance to talk about persons we add to our social network and those who we might want to take off our account.

    I think that couples need to have things in place to protect and guard their relationship and this is one of those things that I think is important.

    • Anonymous

      My pastor recently pulled the trust card and told us to put passwords on our phone. I am in disagreement because that causes doors to open for infidelity. This makes me trust less. Truth is in light and accountability is necessary. I feel honesty and loyalty is sharing what is on your phone.faithfullness is key to successful marriage

  • Cynthia

    My husband and I are adults. I don’t treat him like a child, nor does he treat me like one. We have a mutual respect for one another and understand, even though we are married, we still have our boundaries and privacy needs. He does not read my private journals and I don’t require that he keep the door open when using the bathroom.

    If both spouses agree to sharing passwords as a way of “accountability”, which is bizarre because I don’t know how that really accomplishes accountability (there is more than one way to skin the nefarious cat), then so be it. But I think this idea fans the flame of a paranoid spouse that already resides in a dysfunctional relationship.

    I can’t imagine a more destructive way to ruin a salvageable marriage than encourage a Gestapo like tactic to preserve a relationship. But then, my husband and I don’t use social media outside of business. Perhaps, I’m unaware of social media’s ability for corruption and paranoia.

    All my private thoughts are in my journals. In all my years of marriage, my husband has never touched them. Why? Because he respects my privacy and I trust him. Not everything you want to keep to yourself is bad.

    Happily married for 15 years!

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