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Why my family dances when school is over

My family gets a little crazy at the end of every school year.

Literally, we turn the sanity switch off for about 10 minutes as we run around the house and celebrate.

You know as well as I do about all the extra work it takes to finish the school year. My kids take part in an online public school, which means that my wife is juggling more than motherhood from our end at home. While they have teachers on the other side of the Internet who help them, it really requires her making a major investment from home to coach and teach them through every assignment and discipline required to nail it.

So when we finally see the light we've been working toward emerge at the end of the tunnel, we indulge in a family tradition: we do The Dance.

The Dance signals the beginning of the party.

Afterward, we run around at high-speed like the kid from Home Alone, typically ending in a circle around our home shouting “YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!” the whole time. This is usually set to our end-of-the-school-year playlist, including:

dothedanceThe Dance probably looks odd to anyone looking into our house from the street. Still, this is what we do. It's tradition.

Some days in parenting you dance

Some days you will have deep conversations with your kids. Perhaps you will walk them through huge choices they're facing or help them navigate pain.

Other days? You get to do the dance!

What are some of your crazy family traditions to be present? If you don’t have any, what’s one you’d like to start?

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