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The big deal about Jesus

The Big Deal About Jesus

All of our lives orbit around something.

For Christians, it's easy to say that our lives orbit around Jesus. But the truth is that we have a lot of things competing to be our center: Family responsibilities, financial obligations, worry, stress, hobbies, and even our own thoughts. Each of them wants our undivided attention.

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In this video, Rick talks about orbiting around Jesus, and wants us to ask a provocative question:

What does your life orbit around?

Instead of answering this question on our own, he challenges us to ask a friend, a spouse, or kids for what they think we orbit around. The answers may surprise us.

Regardless of our current orbit, Jesus is offering us an open invitation to orbit our life on him. Using the intimate analogy of eating his body and drinking his blood, he wants us move him from outside of ourselves into our deepest part.

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For more from Rick about being Jesus-centered, download a free sample chapter of The Jesus-Centered Life.


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