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Stealthy ways to influence your busy teen

99 thoughts series

Teens are busy.

From homework to extra-curricular activities to hanging out with friends, their calendars are frequently jam-packed (which you know all too well since you're frequently the one chauffeuring them around and waiting in parking lots for what feels like an eternity).

But being busy doesn't mean that teens can't be influenced during quick, meaningful moments each day.

After all, they're influenced by micro "visits" from their friends on Instagram and via text all day long. We think there's enough room for a little Jesus in there, too, and we believe he can make BIG things happen in small moments.

Sometimes the only spark Jesus needs is a bite-size devotional idea to draw teens closer to him in the midst of their packed schedules.

As a parent, you can help them experience more of these moments with this collection of practical devotional books that put the very best thoughts into their minds. They're small enough to keep in the car (for...say...when you're on your 100th carpool of the week), on the bedside table, or on the kitchen counter.

Each thought takes less than two minutes to read, and at $5.99, they're cheaper than a Chipotle burrito and far more lasting. Check out the collection below and start inviting Jesus into the micro-moments of your teen's life.

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