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Reverse-Whiteboarding Summer Vacation

Reverse White Boarding (1)

My wife is brilliant.

Let me just say that again... my wife is brilliant.

(No, she didn't pay me to say that. Don't be a cynic. She's truly brilliant.)

Last year she noticed how quickly it was for our kids to forget all the great things we did during summer vacation. It's hard not to let that get to you, especially when you have to list all the random trips to get ice cream, go the local splash pad and more for your kids to go, "Oh, yeah... I forgot we did all of that."

So this year she started a whiteboard. 

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In essence, it's a  reverse-whiteboarding method. Instead of whiteboarding ideas for what we want to do,  we do something planned or spontaneous that counts as a cool summer experience, and then we write it on the board. This is what it looks like after two months in.


A lot of these things have a small cost attached attached, while others don't. Here are few that you may need defined:

  • DWYWD: "Do Whatever You Want Day" - a personal favorite of my boys, as they get to be reasonably unreasonable in doing whatever they want to around the house... which usually ends up involving crazy amounts of TV and video games.
  •  Trampoline/Sprinkler: We put a sprinkler under where our kids bounce and turn it into an aerial slip-and-slide.
  • Pizza Palooza: There are a bunch of pizza places in town... why not try six of them all at the same time?

You get the picture.

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At the end of the summer... maybe there might be a little more awe.

And at the end of that awe... maybe there might be a thankful spirit to God for blessing us beyond what we deserve.

Have you ever struggled with your kids conveniently "forgetting?" Might this idea (or another one you can suggest) help?

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  • Julie

    Love this idea!!

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