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(Podcast) When The Bible Doesn't Meet Your Expectations

Season 2, Episode 010: When The Bible Doesn't Meet Your Expectations

You got out of bed at 5:30 a.m., crawled to the coffee pot, grabbed your Bible and journal and hit the couch for your quiet time. You're proud of yourself for getting there, making the time, and being present. But at the end you were left a little bit disappointed. Why is that? Why is it when we went to the Bible for a deeply satisfying relationship with Jesus, we ended up with a missed expectation?

Join us this week with special guest Dr. Ken Castor as we share our personal journey with the Bible, coming up empty and finding Jesus again. This is a rare treat as Rick and Ken are co-collaborators of the Jesus-Centered Bible, they'll share the transformation that happened when they set out to find Jesus in the Old Testament.

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