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(Podcast) Reconciling Old Testament God vs. New Testament Jesus

Season 2, Episode 009: Reconciling Old Testament God vs. New Testament Jesus

In the Old Testament it’s hard to avoid a God who seems angry a lot, and sometimes even vindictive. And it’s hard to square that version of God with the Jesus of the New Testament, who (we like to tell ourselves) is essentially a nice guy. A kinder, gentler God. But Jesus tells us, over and over, that if we see Him we see His Father, too. He’s a mirror image of the God we can’t see. If we understand His heart, we understand the heart of God. That fierce God of the Old Testament is embodied, also, in the surprising, sometimes shocking, personality of Jesus.

Join Rick and special guest host Tim Levert (author, ministry leader, and academic) as they bridge the gap between the God described in the Old Testament and the Jesus described in the New Testament—you’ll discover an integrated way to understand the whole of the Bible, and a deeper path to understanding God’s heart.

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