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(Podcast) Reading The Bible With A Filter

Season 2, Episode 011: Reading The Bible With A Filter

You opened your Bible, read a passage and immediately started applying it to your life. You read that part about how God doesn't want you to tell a lie, and immediately started thinking about the small fib you told your co-worker the other day. Suddenly you're wrecked with guilt and turning to prayer, or slamming the book closed. The truth is what happened is you missed the whole story. You missed what the passage was telling you about who Jesus is.

Join us this week as we take a portion of Matthew 15 and apply a new filter while we read it. Watch as Jesus comes alive, and all of the insights we glean about him from a few paragraphs in the Bible. We want to invite all of you to take this experiment in your own Bible and share the new things you learn about Jesus.

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  • Sharon

    Just listened to your podcast and it was very helpful to me. Thank you so much for your insight into my eye and heart opening experience.
    May God continue to bless you all.

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