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(Podcast) Are We Heading Toward a "Bibleless" Christianity?

Season 2, Episode 012: Are We Heading Toward A "Bibleless" Christianity?

When you picture someone who has devoted his entire life to the passion of getting people to read the might be thinking that person is a bit rigid, and judgmental. You are in for a refreshing surprise this week as we interview Glenn Paauw formally of Biblica and now running the Institute for Bible Reading. We love his heart for making the Bible alive and a story again.

Be a part of starting a Bible reading movement this year. Many of our listeners read the Jesus-Centered Bible and we want to encourage you to pick up a half dozen copies and to be praying about who you can give them too. Because it was designed to make the Bible more relate-able and bring out the story of Jesus. Get your Bibles today!

We will also be inviting our listeners to join a special group. There's no charge to be a part of it, but if you are a regular listener here we want to broaden our relationship with you. We will randomly choose people to give stuff to you, reach out to get your input and advice on things and we're going to be praying for you. See below the related articles for details on how you can join.

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