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(Podcast) Following Jesus in a Smartphone World

Season 2, Episode 003: Following Jesus in a smartphone world

The current of technology is compounding around us, and with virtual and augmented reality exploding, it begs the question, "What happened to real reality?"

This question, among others, is the topic of discussion for today's episode featuring an interview with special guest Joani Schultz about her recent experience at the Computer Electronics Show. Plus hear a clip with author and speaker Simon Sinek talking about the psychological impact of social media on young people, and Becky’s recent experience watching the Netflix show Black Mirror.

A zoom into John 14 rounds out the episode, looking deeper into how Jesus balanced the current of his culture with the relationships around him, plus practical ideas for how you can stay in the current of culture without going out with the technology tide.

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  • Jane barbour

    I love these podcasts !!!!! Thank you. I am training myself to take Jesus with me to the supermarket , i ask Him to help me buy only healthy foods, and to stay within a reasonable budget.
    I also invite Him into my conversations , especially if i am feeling upset or vulnerable .
    I am Him to help me drive the car ! Jesus take the wheel…
    I ask Him to cook with me….
    I am just trying to bring Him into all of my activities….i loved your Jesus interuptions .
    Thank you again ! I bought the Jesus Centered book and bible and i adore the Bible ! First time i have ever felt like it is mine..for me…..xo. Janie

  • Robert

    I’m trying to find the quote that Rick mentioned in the beginning of the podcast on technology vs. humans.

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