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Whining Is Music To A Mother's Ears (Said No Mom Ever)

November gratitude calendar for families

Mom, I want to leave nowwwwww.

Mom, why can't I have more candy?

Mom, Kelly won't share with me.

Mom, my stomach hurts.

On a spectrum with saint-like gratitude on one end, and world-class complainer on the other, most kids fall somewhere close to "grumpy old man."

Ah--whining is music to a mother's ears (said no mom ever).

Fortunately to the jubilation of every parent, we are now in the one ENTIRE month dedicated to gratitude. November - we did not appreciate your soothing tonic until parenthood. You are the new favorite.

Also fortunate, there is no shortage of creative ideas to promote gratitude in your household. Courtesy of the Internet, here are some favorites:

They're so fun even grumpy old men wouldn't have time to complain.

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