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New school year, new spiritual focus: ideas for all 4 years of high school

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For our teens, a new year of high school is like a blank slate of wonderful possibility. (Nevermind that we parents just want time to SLOW DOWN ALREADY.) There's the prospect of new classes, new clubs and sports, and of course new fashion (I'm talking to you, parents of teen girls).

Pretty soon they'll be lining up Friday night plans and homecoming dates and cramming last-minute for tests in spite of your efforts to urge them otherwise.

Each year of high school is unique

Though the four years of high school share many things in common, each year is uniquely different and has it's own special milestones. And just like every year brings greater knowledge and social maturity, they also bring new opportunities for spiritual growth.

Give teens a spiritual focus for the new school year

As the new academic year approaches, let's help them invest some of their energy into setting spiritual goals in addition to their other ambitions for the year. Having a spiritual focus can set the tone for the whole year, providing them an anchor as they encounter inevitable ups and downs as the year unfolds.

Whether it's making faith a priority when you're starting out in a new school, or preparing for the future as you prepare for the SAT's and college-prep courses, let's give them the best start possible with a spiritual focus designed specifically for the year they're entering. These devotions accomplish just that. Learn more below.

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