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Meaningful Bible Gift for the Graduate

As the big day approaches and all the final senior year milestones wrap up, graduates need encouragement now more than ever!

Let’s celebrate our graduates’ accomplishments, show our pride in them, and remind them of how loved they are through a meaningful Bible gift idea. Here’s how it works: 

1. Buy a special new Bible for your graduate! ***We recommend the Jesus-Centered Bible! It’s the only Bible that visually shows, with blue letters in the Old Testament, where Jesus appears from Genesis to Revelation. Many other unique Jesus-centered features ensure your graduate will encounter Jesus in a fresh, new way throughout the entire Jesus-Centered Bible.***

2. Text or email all your grad’s family, extended family, friends, youth group, ministers, teammates, coaches, etc. and ask them to write a note of congrats and include their favorite Scripture if they have one. You can ask them to email you their note or send it through snail mail. Or if it's someone you're able to see in person, ask them to bring it to you. Be sure to give them a deadline!

3. Make sure you write a note, too!

4. Once you have all the notes, put them in the pages of the new Bible like bookmarks. Match the notes with the favorite Scripture each person sent. And if someone didn’t include a verse, you can choose one. 

5. When you plan to celebrate your graduate, you can find the right time to give him or her this very special gift. If you're able to have a celebration, they can always bring it to that and add it to this special gift. You can even put it out at your celebration for guests to add to then.

6. Don’t worry if notes come in lateyou can continue to add to the gift even after it’s given. 

As graduates launch into the next phase of life, this is a powerful gift that keeps God with them, along with the wonderful notes they received from the many people who love them.  


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