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Let’s stop compartmentalizing Jesus during Christmas


You've heard all the cliches before. You've maybe even spoken some of them.

Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Let's keep Christ in Christmas.

And so on.

This isn't your first holiday rodeo, so of course you know that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus and an invitation to focus on him.

But still, let's confess that paying attention to him is harder than it seems. For instance, it’s easy and natural to invite him into Christmas church services, mealtime prayers, pageants, and service projects. But that other stuff—the deal tracking and shopping and meal planning and cleaning--these things are harder to approach with a sense of sacredness.

It's challenging to picture Jesus, savior of THE WHOLE WORLD, caring about your Christmas chore list and free shipping math problems and endless parking space shortages. And yet…

…he was born in a dirty manger and spent time fighting through crowds and attended holiday parties himself. So it’s not really fair to assume he isn’t interested in these things, right?

Let’s stop compartmentalizing our lives by assuming that Jesus isn’t interested in ALL of our Christmas plans, and start inviting him to share his insight and guidance with us.

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To help, try the following part-planning, part-prayer worksheets to pay ridiculous attention to Jesus during your Christmas preparations:

Handy worksheets that invite Jesus into your Christmas planning

Try it! 

Print one of the worksheets from the list above and spend 5-10 minutes today or tomorrow filling it out. See what happens, and then share your experience in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram.

Learn more about our resources that help you invite Jesus into your everyday life.

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