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How I'm Getting Grateful For My Husband This Month

grateful for my husband

I could hear his fist banging on the desk in the office, followed by a long, loud sigh.

Great, I thought. He's in a mood today.

My husband lumbered up the stairs. Like a heat-seeking missile, he was looking for a warm body to vent his frustrations to.

"Have you considered," I replied after he finished his saucy speech about the inconsiderate slowness of his laptop, "that perhaps you're just in a bad mood this morning?"

(Note: statements of this variety are ill-advised with husbands, but sometimes I can't resist.)

We bantered back and forth for a few minutes, debating his mood (like most marital spats, it was an exercise in futility), before he blurted out, "Why don't you ever comment when I'm in a good mood?"

It was a fair question. The majority of the time he is in a good mood. Friendly, obliging, and not pounding loudly on the desktop because his laptop is slow.

Of course I knew the answer: it's easier to focus on the negative than the positive. And nowhere is this more true than in marriage.

November is a month dedicated to gratitude. Thanks to social media, we have hundreds of ways to express our thanks throughout the month. Crafts. Facebook posts. Downloadable family calendars. For a lot of families, this is a particularly good time to teach kids a habit of thankfulness, and many November activities and gratitude-prompts are geared toward them. But there's one area of gratitude that can ALWAYS use a boost: marriage.

How I'm Getting Grateful For My Husband This Month

To help, here's a list of 27 ways to show gratitude to our spouses this month. My favorites include:

  • #4: Do a chore he usually does. (Note: housework relaxes me so of course I like this one. I know--I'm weird.)
  • #14: Make his favorite meal or dessert. (Bonus! I get to enjoy it, too.)
  • #17: Only say YES to anything he requests all day. Sort of like choose-your-own-adventure-day, only he gets to choose. I'm thinking it wouldn't be the smartest to let him know I'm doing this, though. He's definitely not above taking advantage (ex. loooong head rubs).
  • #16: Ask him about his day and REALLY LISTEN before unloading about yours. Ahem--I might have to bite my tongue on this one. Also, because "How was your day?" gets stale every night, I'm grabbing Gabbit for Couples, a free app of fun conversation starters in iTunes and Google Play, to liven up our dinner talk this month. And I promise to listen. Of course.

Try it!

Whether you can see yourself doing two or twenty-seven of these suggestions, choose your favorite and follow through in the next 48 hours. Start now by thanking God for bringing the two of you together, and ask him to help you express gratitude this whole month--even during grumpy mornings.
Which idea can you see yourself doing this month?
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  • Becky

    I am going to make his favorite desert!

  • stephanie councill

    would love the 27 ways list – but i get an error message when trying to connect! 🙂

    • Stephanie Hillberry

      Hi Stephanie! Great catch. I updated the link.

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