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Help for parents of teens, now in bite-size nuggets of wisdom

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Parenting doesn't come with a handbook, which is unfortunate because teenagers (and the younger though equally perplexing pre-teens) are about as simple as advanced calculus.

(Actually, come to think about it, advanced calculus has a handbook. This seems entirely unfair since we parent every day and use calculus...well...never.)

Tips from real parents of teens in pocket-size guides

Fortunately raising teens may be new to some of us, but there are brave souls who've gone before us and are willing to share their tips, stories, and lessons.

Learn from them, grasshopper.

Because these wise parents are...well...wise, they understand that you need just enough practical knowledge but not too much (because then important things we need to remember--like where we put the car keys--will be pushed out of our limited-capacity brains). Which is why they wrote bite-sized tips for us. Smart, right?

These tips include all the major topics you're wondering about, like teens and dating, how to deal with social media, and what's happening in those hormonal teenage brains of theirs (trust us--understanding the science helps A LOT).

Start with one guide, or order the whole set. They're the perfect size to stash in your purse or the glove compartment of the car while you're waiting for school-pickup-soccer-drop-off-I-forgot-my-homework-on-the-dining-table errands.

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