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Fun Printable Father's Day "Man Cards"

printable father's day cards

Father's Day is in just a few days, and if you're looking for a last minute activity to affirm a dad or two you know, we have the perfect fit!

Introducing The Man Card.

Yes, we know mustache art might be a teensy bit overdone. But have you tried cut out mustache art? We didn't think so.

We also know that sometimes "Hallmark holidays" can feel like Just.One.More.Thing, especially in the beginning of summer. But God is a father, and celebrating the dads we know is a way to celebrate The Big Dad.

God created the protective, strong-yet-tender heart of a dad. This weekend is a great opportunity to say thanks, to encourage the men in your life, and to cut out mustaches.

(We think that last part is obvious, don't you?)

Steps to create a "man card" that affirms how you see God at work in a man's life:

  • Brainstorm a list: Identify traits that you believe best represent manhood that you'd like to affirm. You can even use or adapt the four acts of love: genuine humility, fearless conversation, radical hospitality, and divine anticipation. Keep this list short and simple so that it's memorable.
  • Notice the opportunity: Take note of the various men in your life, including fathers, grandparents, uncles, neighbors, and coaches. Pray for insight and think about how they may need to be specifically affirmed during this holiday. You may likewise find boys or teens who you'd like to affirm, too.
  • Create a card: Involve your kids in drawing or designing a card to give to these men, whether you print it at home or use an online service for higher quality. OR use one of these two fun cards, provided via free pdf download below.*
  • Hand it out: Give the "man card" out, explaining how you see (or hope to see) these dads living these values out. Give everyone in your home a copy of the card so they can spot and affirm these values as they see them on display, too.

Happy Father's Day!


printable father's day card

printable father's day card


printable father's day card

printable father's day card

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