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Free Download: Summer Bucket List for Your Family

Here's a fun, new way for your family to grow your faith together this summer.

Summer is a great time to do things as a family, make memories, and grow closer to Jesus.

All too often, summer goes by faster than expected and we're left feeling like we didn't get to do everything we wanted to. So now is the time to plan ahead, sit down with your family, and create your summer bucket list!

Here's how it works:

Simply get the download, write your list on the pages, choose some of the ideas we included, and grab a bucket.

During or after each activity discuss the Fun Faith Prompt. This is a great way to talk about each activity and how it relates to your faith.

Then share your God Sightings with your family, and have every member of your family write down their God Sightings on the slips included. God Sightings are everyday clues that God is present, passionate, and powerful. Simply ask, where did you see God in this activity?

Finally, put them in the bucket and see all the ways your family sees God this summer!

Not sure what to include? Check out and choose some of the ideas we included, and then add some of your own. The sky's the limit...have fun with it!


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