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Four Ways to Tune Out Distraction and Prepare Your Heart for the Christmas Season

We've heard it said before: if we don't schedule the things that are important to us, they won't happen.

This adage applies to the Christmas season as much as it does to regular workouts and coffee dates with friends, which is why we want to invite you to schedule the things that really matter to you for your family Christmas ahead of time.

Why ahead of time?

Because the Christmas season is the Most Spiritually Distracting Time Of Year.

Staying centered on Jesus during the holiday season can open doors for healing, joy, and freedom from stress, but we can easily miss it. Let's make a commitment to prepare our hearts to receive instead!

Here are four ideas for tuning out distraction and tuning in to what matters most:

  1. Turn off the TV for .................(a day...a week...a month) AND play worshipful music and Christmas carols
  2. Take a break from your social media AND connect with loved ones on the phone or over dinner/coffee instead.
  3. Power down your tablets and phones in the evenings AND create memories with friends and family with simple traditions and activities.
  4. Avoid the stores AND get out into nature.

Bonus idea: Consider a Jesus-Centered devotion or coloring book to read daily between now and Christmas.

What other ideas for do you have for removing distraction during the Christmas season?

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