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Does Jesus Laugh?

Recently I've wandered into some "funny" business with this 21-Day Devotional series focused on Jesus. Specifically several readers reached out with a question about the devotion on Day #5 where it mentions Jesus laughing.

"Where in the Bible," you've asked, "does it say he laughed?"

It's a valid question, because the answer is nowhere. There's not one specific mention of Jesus laughing.

So why did I include a reference to him doing it? Partly I made a mistake. There are so many references to him attending parties and festivals and gatherings that I assumed one of them must have mentioned him laughing. They don't, and for that I apologize. I updated the devotion to correct this error.

All of this has me wondering, though: did Jesus laugh?

does Jesus laugh?
The Bible doesn't say he did--not technically--but does this omission mean that he didn't? Are we to believe that he cried, and yelled, and made jokes...but never once laughed?

When we talk about being centered on Jesus, part of that experience is becoming more and more familiar with him. It's a process of spending so much time with him that we know his thoughts, his mannerisms, and his heart. For me (and this is just me), this includes a Jesus who relates to me with humor. He makes jokes. He thinks I'm funny. He laughs.

So I'm curious--what do you think? Does Jesus laugh?

Is it okay to think of him this way when the Bible doesn't specifically mention him laughing? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section, below.

For an additional perspective on this topic, try this article. 

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  • Sue McLain

    I believe 100% that Jesus expressed all human emotions, including joy & laughter!
    I am truly enjoying your devotion series. Thank you for your beautiful perspectives!

  • Ethel Smiter

    We are made in the image of God meaning God has ears,nose ,eyes,feelings,emotions and since laughing is an emotion yes I believe in my heart that Jesus does smile and even laugh!

  • Barb K

    Jesus wept. So surely He also laughed(s). He was fully human while also being fully divine.

  • Emily

    I totally think Jesus laughed! Do you think the little children would have come and gathered around him if he had a scowl on his face? No. I also think he’s laughing right now at the people who are so silly challenging you on this. The Bible also doesn’t tell you everything Jesus ate, drank, or every time he went to the bathroom… But I guarantee you he did all of these! Thanks for being real Stephanie & for putting the real spin on Christ. Looking forward to the day when we are in His presence laughing along with him! ???

  • Sherry

    Jesus was Fully God and Fully Man. in order to be Fully Man, he had to have a sense of humor AND express it.

  • Kerrie

    He created us, every emotion – every part of our personality. We are made in His image. Jesus smiling and laughing has always been a part of my mental image of Him. To think otherwise makes my heart hurt! So yes, he laughs; especially at us trying to figure out if he laughs or not! ( :

  • tanesha

    I so believe that Jesus laugh while he was here. Coming to think of it the two of the fruit of the spirit are joy and happiness. And if someone at anytime experience these fruit then one must have laugh.

  • Lisbeth

    Yes I truly believe he does. I agree that when you start developing a relationship with Jesus you get to know him on a personal level and get to know his thoughts and his heart.

  • Tina

    I was one of those who emailed in asking where in the Bible did He laugh! Lol 🙂

    • Stephanie Hillberry

      You made a great point, Tina. Thanks for prompting this great conversation!

  • Jenny

    Absolutely, I think Jesus laughed. God has proved to me time after time that he has a sense of humor and I agree with you, he was around people, children, social gatherings, I’m sure he laughed several times a day. I’m pretty sure he laughs at me daily :0) Whether or not it said it in the bible, I can’t imagine a joyous and happy Jesus not laughing. I’m sure he had bad days as we all have, but he loved people and life too much not to laugh.

  • Jill

    Just as our children make us laugh, I’m sure Jesus’ children make him laugh.

  • Lisa

    I have no doubt Jesus laughed. Scripture implies Jesus had a sense of humor and it does tell us that God laughs (in Psalms). If God laughs, Jesus laughs since he is God. Jesus was a man; and most humans I know laugh (some not as much as they should!). So…yes…Jesus laughed!

  • MissyT

    Of course Jesus laughed! Why wouldn’t he? Jesus finds joy when we find joy. And just like so many of the others here have mentioned, we were created in God’s image. Our emotions come from Him. Why would he make us laugh if he also doesn’t laugh? Laughter is a form of joy–and the Bible clearly states that Jesus was filled with joy. The Bible also tells us to be full of joy and to celebrate. So I absolutely believe that while the Bible may not specifically say Jesus was laughing, that he laughed…a lot, and he continues to laugh with us when we are filled with joy!

  • LauraB

    Im sure Jesus started laughing as a baby when Mary and Joseph played with Him!

  • Luke Lang

    Did Jesus laugh?

    The Bible tells us that “Jesus wept”.
    But nowhere does it say “Jesus laughed”.
    It seems like he was a pretty serious dude, right? I mean, he went around turning tables over and being all sacred.
    When we were the pastors of a really small church in Dallas, I was approached by a well intentioned, angry man. He was very upset and offended because I was trying to make church fun. He informed me that Jesus was a man of constant sorrows and we should reflect his constant sorrow.
    It’s sad that many think following Jesus should be sad.
    Over the years I’ve been sternly rebuked by a lot of very serious people who feel like faith should never be fun.
    I, on the hand, think it a gross sacrilege if faith isn’t fun.
    God created laughter. It is medicine, it brings healing, it brings life.
    Jesus was the type of messiah that got invited to parties. Only fun people get invited to parties!! On at least one occasion, he kept the party going.
    His closest friends were burly misfits. The kind of men who likely found bodily functions hilarious. “Hey Jesus, pull my finger!!” Jesus spent three years with these guys and they followed him wherever he went.
    Children liked Jesus. They wanted to hang out with him, kids don’t like to hang out with jerks. Kids are predisposed to fun.
    Jesus said things about squeezing camels through the eyes of needles and people with planks in their eyes. That is some funny stuff!
    When the Creator designed us, He engineered our bodies to make some pretty…ummm…interesting sounds and odors. Maybe…just maybe, that’s meant to be a built in reminder to not take ourselves too seriously.
    He has created so many things that should unleash wonder, joy and giggles.
    Things that should help us get over ourselves.
    We are surrounded by things that should make us smile…
    The duck billed Platypus…
    Kiwi fruit…
    Four year old humans…
    Ear hair…
    Bubble wrap.
    I really don’t think God would give us so many reasons to laugh if he didn’t want us to actually laugh!
    The gift of laughter, when handled correctly, is a pure form of worship.
    I think there is a special kind of sacred that is only released by silliness.
    The joy of the Lord is our strength.
    The world is a sad place.
    There is sorrow.
    But joy is a superpower that helps us get through the sadness.
    It’s a joy that we can’t manufacture or fake.
    It is the joy OF THE Lord.
    He is the source of tangible joy.
    OUR joy is on loan from HIM.
    God is the manufacturer of pure merriment.
    I think Jesus laughed, I think he still does.
    I want to do things everyday that make Jesus laugh out loud.
    He amazes me, I want to amuse him.
    I want to live with the laughter of heaven buzzing through my soul.

    • Emily

      What an awesome post, Luke! Thank you for sharing! I love every word of your post and couldn’t agree more if I tried! ?

    • Shari

      Well done!!

    • Ellen


    • Jim Shields

      You totally nailed it Luke! Thanks ?

  • Leisha

    My sense of humor and my loud laugh are my two favorite things about myself. I can’t possibly believe that God would give us this ability to us and not HIs own son, his own self incarnated. We are made in the image of God. We have HIs characteristics, meaning He had them first.

  • Kathy

    Pretty sure He laughs at me many times a day. Typically we laugh together – like when I tip my tea mug before it’s arrived at my mouth.

  • Pamela

    I truly want to believe that Jesus laughed. Although He was serious about doing the work of His Father, I just can’t imagine Him not laughing. He was human just like us and He went through everything that we go through. I can’t help but believe He had a sense of humor. And speaking of humor, look at some of the animals that He created and the people He created. And I am not picking at anyone. I can’t help but to see His humor in some of the things He created. I can start by looking at myself. I have skinny legs that to me are shaped somewhat like chicken legs. Now tell me that’s not humorous.

  • Teresa Jacobs

    Jesus was human…of course He laughed!

  • Janey

    Absolutely ?

  • Martha Bienert

    Fully God and fully human. If fully human, of course Jesus laughed! Besides–he’d need a sense of humor just to put up with us. My favorite is the one where he is holding the little child.

  • Tina Purdy

    Yes I believe Jesus laughs! He loves kids and kids are so funny, He has to laugh!

  • April Jackson

    Jesus was in the beginning when the sound of laughter was created. When I experience moments filled with love and joy, I sometimes laugh for no reason! Jesus is joy, so yeah, he likes a good laugh:)

  • Jenny Mahvi

    I believe He must have laughed. He was just like me, felt what I felt, experienced what I felt. The Father would not have wanted the Son to miss out on the joyous feeling of laughing, crying, the comfort of friends or the human-ness of all the emotions we were given to communicate, love and be involved deeply in each other’s lives. It is written He wept, that we know, but why wouldn’t He also laugh out loud with tears of joy streaming down His face, when His Heavenly Father says “well done my good and faithful servant.” I know I will!

  • Yvette Precht

    I saw the movie “Passion of the Christ”. In one scene, He and His mother were cutting up. He was laughing. It never occurred to me that He laughed or had fun like that. But, after seeing that, I know He had to have done those things! I believe he laughs now. Look at some of the funny stuff that goes on around us! Things our kids might say that is so innocent and funny. God puts humor in us! I am sure He smiles and laughs at some of the things we do…Just as we laugh at the things our kids/grand kids do.

  • traceykinohio

    So many funny things happen to me that crack ME up, I’m sure Jesus must laugh as well. I can’t imagine him being able to keep a straight face when I make a complete nut of myself! Lol.

  • Dorothy sullivan

    I belive he laughs at us and with us.

  • Dorothy sullivan

    I think jesus laughs at us and with us.

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