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DO YOU BELIEVE? Movie Review and Family Conversation Starters

Do You Believe?, the latest movie release from Pure Flix Entertainment – the makers of  last year's movie, God’s Not Dead– hovers over the lives of twelve individuals as their lives intersect.

It offers a simple, predictably-heartwarming-yet-compelling treatise on the miraculous appearing in the mundane ‘coincidence’ of everyday life.  It digs deeply into the soil of leaning on and learning from each other.  And, of course, there’s a strong element of invitation for the audience to make a decision to ‘believe’. Like most faith-based movies, the message takes center stage more than the acting or cinematography, so plan on this element instead of an Oscar-winning screenplay. But if you liked God's not Dead, you'll love Do You Believe?, because in my opinion this is a much better movie.

It's rated PG-13, and the action scenes and intense storylines may prove moderately disconcerting for the youngest viewers or those with audaciously delicate sensibilities.  But overall, the movie is an easy watch for nearly all family members and has the potential to open a great conversation on faith, as long as you aren't too cynical about Christian movies. (And if you've got teenage or young adult kids who are resistant to faith-based messages, convincing them to watch this movie probably isn't going to do anyone any favors.)

Like any Christian movie, the most important thing is talking about it afterwards, so here are a few conversation starters for you and your family to get the most out of Do You Believe?

 Post-Movie Family Conversation Starters:

  • What do think are the differences between miracles and coincidence?
  • What would be difficult about taking a stand for your faith at the risk of personal peril? Is there anything easy about that?  Do you think Jesus understands if we are hesitant to take a stand?
  • How do friends make a walk of faith easier? Has a stranger ever made your faith walk easier?
  • What, in this movie, felt like real-life faith to you? What felt less sincere?
  • If you had a cross in your pocket right now, who would you give it to?

Click here to watch the official Do You Beleive? movie trailer

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