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Can this DIY Valentine Card teach your kids about Jesus? We think so.

DIY Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. For parents of elementary-age kids, this typically means three things: craft paper, glue, and candy conversation hearts.

We can picture the Instagram pics and hashtags already:


Because we understand that you're in the "glue and glitter" stage of life, we're sharing our top favorite Valentine card to craft (found on Pinterest, of course). It even includes monsters for boys who aren't too keen on glitter.

Before presenting the activity, though, we have a suggestion for your Valentine crafting/shopping/assembling: use it as an opportunity to talk about love, particularly Jesus' love for us.

We acknowledge that talking about Jesus with glue and glitter can border on cheesy, and frankly we're okay with that. Love is one of the first things that kids understand about the Christian faith (grace, sacrifice, and atonement come later), and sets a foundation for a lifelong relationship with Jesus. However, if you're concerned about talking points, here are some suggestions:

Things to AVOID saying while teaching about Jesus with this Valentine activity:

  • Jesus is watching you just like these googly eyes.
  • Jesus bled for you like this red Valentine.
  • Glitter is an abomination.

Things TO say:

  • Valentines Day celebrates love, and the greatest example of love we have is from Jesus.
  • Jesus shares his love with us, and wants us to pass it along to others. (The candy is just a nice bonus.)
  • Let's pray for the kids who are getting these Valentines--that they'll feel loved and come to love Jesus, too.

laycieBonus! Here's one more [fun] way kids can learn about Jesus's love: from Lacie the spider. Lacie is the mascot in this brand-new love-themed Buddy Box. Full of hands-on activities that entertain, teach, and grow faith, this Buddy Box would make an excellent Valentine for kids. No glitter required.

And now without further delay, here's the cutest DIY Valentine card we've seen this year:

DIY Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!
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  • Anna

    Another fun thing that I do with my students is that we always make valentines for God! I cut out a card stock heart and let them go at it with glue, glitter, and sequins! It’s basically the only time of year that I let them go wild with the sparkles.
    Then we either send them up on balloons, or post them on the wall (because God can see them wherever they are!)
    We spend all we talking about how God loves us and children are special to Jesus, then we show our love for God by making Him a beautiful creation, just like He created us!

    • Stephanie Hillberry

      What a great idea, Anna! Thanks for sharing.

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