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Christmas Break Boredom-Busters (with planning worksheets!)

christmas break boredom-busters

“Mommmmm! I'm bored.”


You can see the wrapping paper on the floor and the BRAND NEW TOYS in a pile by the stairs.

How can they be bored? You JUST opened presents. They have more new toys than time to play with them.

Even worse—they’re home for another full week before school starts again.

DANGER!: this could be you on December 27th.

But it doesn’t have to be. Take steps now to save your sanity later. Here’s what you do:

  1. Read through the ideas, below, today--BEFORE you're losing your mind
  2. Highlight your favorite activities
  3. Make a list of supplies you need for activities and acquire them
  4. Schedule them on your calendar during Christmas-break days

To help, here are free printable planning worksheets to bust Christmas boredom. We recommend downloading it and filling it out but you can live dangerously and disregard these warnings if you prefer. We won’t judge, but we will keep this article available for you on December 27th if you need it.

Start Here For Christmas Break Boredom-Busters

  • Also try searching "Christmas break boredom busters" and "boredom busters teens" on Pinterest for even more ideas.

Two more ideas for younger kids:

  1. Get a Buddy Box! These boxes are full of activities that invite kids to grow faith through play and creativity. They’ll be occupied for hours.
  2. Try Buddy Quest, a free mobile game app that teaches kids character traits in real life.

Try it!

Get started: Download these printable planning worksheets and schedule twenty minutes to browse, make notes, and choose dates. Trust us--your December-27th-self will thank you.

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