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3 Ways To Live Each Day Like It's A Miracle

3 Ways To Live Each Day Like It's A Miracle

God shows up in some pretty spectacular ways.

When my sons were born, I saw him.

When my sister beat cancer, he was there.

And when a friend’s marriage came to life after teetering on the brink of divorce, God was all over it.

In times like those, it’s hard to doubt God. However, when life gets back to normal, or things get bad instead of good, it’s tempting to believe that God is far away and we’ll see him again only when the next big thing happens. We wait for the big things, and sure enough, our daily lives begin to lose their luster.

I’ve been pulled into that way of thinking before. I’ve felt disappointed with my work, with my chores, even with myself. I believed that if something out of the ordinary wasn’t happening, then God must not be in it. But that’s simply not true, and feeling that way isn’t what God wants for us.

The truth is that God is in everything, every day.

Even still, it’s hard to avoid those feelings. That’s why, when I hit this slump in my life, I try to remind myself to do three things:

3 Ways To Live Each Day Like It's A Miracle

  1. Greet the morning with a thankful heart. No matter what’s happening, whether good or bad, be thankful. If nothing else, thank God that you’ve got a head on your shoulders, breath in your lungs, and his Spirit in your heart. He’s given you the gift of another day.
  2. Look for the good throughout your day. This one can be hard. We’re often bombarded with negative messages and news throughout our day. Add in a son or daughter being picked on at school, or a hard day at work, and the last thing on your mind is goodness. But then, just yesterday I saw a young man help an elderly woman onto her bus. It was so simple, but it was good. Within every day, you can experience goodness. You just have to look for it.
  3. Get outside. Look up and around you. God created everything with you in mind. He made the world a perfect place for us to live and to thrive. Each time you step out, try to focus on some part of creation that inspires you. It could be the sunset, a tree blooming in your front yard, or the smell of freshly fallen rain. Then think of how God used that to create the perfect place for you to live.

These three simple things make a big difference for me when life feels colorless or I’m going through a tough time. They help remind me that I can experience God in everyday life the same way I experience him in the extraordinary. I don’t have to wait for the next big thing because God is in the little things as well, making each day a miracle.

Are there other ways that you experience God in your daily life?

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