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3 Prayers This Mom Is Praying For Her Kids For The New School Year


I don’t know about you, but sometimes with only a few weeks of summer left, I begin to start thinking ahead.

This thinking ahead can be a good thing. It helps me get school clothes and supplies on sale, and make sure that we’re ready to go when the hustle of the school year starts back up (earlier and earlier each year, it seems).

But sometimes I have to stop myself.

You see, I can unintentionally miss out on the last bit of summer break by rushing in the school year, and all that comes with it, too quickly.

So this year, instead of making sure that all the school details are in order in advance, I’m making a commitment to start praying in advance for the upcoming school year, too. Because it really is never too early to start praying.

Here are 3 prayers for my kids for the new school year that I've started praying now:

1. I’m praying this year that my children will grow in their understanding of God as their heavenly father and grow in their amazing identity as his child.

More than anything else, my heart’s desire is that my kids will gain a rich understanding of who God is and their importance as his son or daughter. I know that this school year each of my kids will encounter opportunities and hardships that will challenge their belief of who God is and his furious love for them. I pray that when these times come, my children are able to turn to God and not away from him. And I pray that they are able to grasp their identity as Christ followers--holy, new creations, righteous, created with a purpose, friends of God--and not listen to any lies that say otherwise.

2. I’m praying that God will give me the ability to see the unique and individual gifts of each of my children.

One of the best things about being a parent is seeing how similar, but different, each of my kids are. God has created each of them uniquely and placed talents, desires, and spiritual gifts inside each one. “Lord, help me to be a student of my children and help them to grow in the ways you created for them. Allow me to speak life about who they are and give them opportunities to develop into the men and women you created them to be.”

3. I’m praying that God will provide two different kinds of friendships for my kids: relationships with Christians and those who don’t have a relationship with Christ.

Iron sharpens iron, right? I’m praying for friends that will challenge my kids to grow in their walk with Jesus and ignite a desire to allow the Holy Spirit to transform every area of their life: attitudes, desires, etc. I’m also praying that my children will create friendships with people who need Jesus. Our kids are growing up in a hurting and broken world. I pray that through their faith in Jesus and their kindness, my kids will attract their friends to a relationship with Jesus.

Will you join me? You can pray these prayers, too, or pray your own. In fact, I'd love to hear about what you're praying for, and to pray with you, by reading your thoughts in the comment section, below.

It’s never too early to start praying for the school year. I hope this year is the best yet.

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  • Jane

    May the Lord Bless You more and I am thankful for having someone like you
    to encourage parents around the world to bless their children.I’m glad to read more prayers
    from you to guide and bless our children.
    God bless You and family.

    • tcollins

      It is so good to join with others in praying for our children. God bless your family as well.

  • Emily

    I love this! I’m definitely praying for these things along with a couple of others on my own list:
    1) God give me the right words at the right time for each kid! May my discipline by wise and fair and point them toward a relationship with YOU. Let my words build them up and not tear them down.
    2) Lord if they ever sin let them get caught right away! Let us work things out together and don’t let sin take root in their hearts!

    • tcollins

      I love what you said Emily, “the right words at the right time.” Praying with you.

  • Shola Ajose

    God give me the ability to correct in love not with anger and frustration.
    A heart to let go and ability to cultivate such habit.

  • Crystal James-Owens III

    Love the prayers and all of the comments.

  • Summer Amonette

    Thank you Tamara for these beautiful prayers! Lord Jesus, Guide us as parents to teach our children well! The word parent is defined as “teacher” and whether we send our children to school or homeschool them, we our their primary teachers. Give us the courage, strength, patience and endurance to see us through another year doing your work Lord. Meet us in the quiet moments and especially in the ones when we feel like we are failing. Be our guide Lord! Jesus, I trust in you! Take care of everything.

  • Agatha Wiebe

    Thanks Tamara, for taking the time to pray for our children. I pray for a lot of the same things you do. That they can find Christian friends and also not be afraid to talk to someone about Jesus, our Saviour. And to turn to him for guidance. I also always pray for Gods protection to surround them wherever they go, especially from the evil one and his lies. My kids are both in high school this fall, so please keep praying and God bless you!

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