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newsletter for parents of preteens and teens

Parenting teens can sometimes feel like rocket science.

Help is here.


This is the word we're using to describe how it feels to raise teens. Whether it happened overnight, or crept in slowly, suddenly you wake up to realize that your beloved child is...


These differences can cause turmoil, angst (for them AND you), celebration, exasperation, joy, anticipation, and confusion.

All in one day.

So what do you do? Well, there's A LOT of parenting advice out there, and plenty on raising teens. But here's what we think you really need: the creativity and guidance of Jesus.

You can find it through prayer, and also through the stories of other parents like the ones who contribute to our weekly newsletter for parents of teens.

These parents--Kami, Leneita, Tony, and others--are writing from their heart about the real day-to-day joys and frustrations of raising teens. And they're seeking Jesus, and sharing how they're finding him, in the midst of it.

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