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Friends With God Story Bible

Stories From People Like Me
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Help kids build a true friendship with God!

Children meet Bible-times friends who share their thrilling stories, each from their own view.

They march side-by-side with David as he rushes toward Goliath. Turn with Peter to see Jesus alive after his resurrection. Stand next to Abraham under a glittering, star-filled sky, imagining impossible promises come true.

With each stunningly illustrated page, children will discover....

  • 54 first-person stories spanning both Old and New Testaments—so kids see how God has always loved and worked through everyday people just like them!
  • Reflections from each Bible character—helping kids notice how God's love touches their own lives.
  • Beautiful illustrations from artist David Harrington--making this bible a visual treat.

Watch as kids' faith grows as they draw close to the God who loves them and calls them his friend, too.


Kids deepen their friendship with God even more by pairing this story Bible with the Friends with God Devotion for Kids!

Kids meet God's Bible-time friends with 54 devotions that help them glimpse who God is, see how he cares for those he loves, and grow in their own friendship with God.


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