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Check out what Amazon reviewer Mrs. Anne L. Johnson has to say about the Friends With God Story Bible!

“Well, yes...another Bible storybook and I guess you're thinking...'Hey, I have a Bible storybook for my kids or grandkids. Why would I need another one?' your kids need it? I can certainly understand the question. It's one I asked myself initially, too. But then, what if your kids…

1. could actually feel a part of the story? Friends With God Story Bible is written in the first person. So your kids will hear the story from the protagonist's point of view, with all the emotions that go with that. It's not just a story. It's a recount and it will resonate with your kids in a meaningful way. They will feel connected, involved.

2. could hear personal stories of 54+ friends of God? This isn't just a handful of stories. It's enough for a whole year of exciting reading if you read and learn about one friend of God each week. And extra devotional material is included to help you extend each story beyond the pages of a book.

3. could also play Bible games and discover Bible facts? ​You'll find that this story Bible has an interactive element built in that works in conjunction with an app—IOS or Android. Throughout the story Bible are special icons—a smiling face. Your kids will have fun finding them, too. Simply download the free app. Then scan the page with the icon. You'll come face to face with friends of God plus unlock interactive games.

4. could collect and share digital cards of the friends of God? Not only does this connected app share more information and games, it enables your kids to win virtual collectible character cards. They'll learn even more entertaining facts about these Bible characters. They'll feel they really know them. And they can even add their own image to create their very own card.

5. could grow in their own friendship with God? They'll hear and share in the amazing stories when God stepped into the picture and everything changed. As they read this book they 'face lions, cross rivers, slay giants and stare into a glittering desert sky, awed by God making impossible promises come true.' And they'll realize that this same God wants to be friends with them, too.

So, grandkids need this beautifully illustrated, interactive book and maybe yours do, too. :)”

-Mrs. Anne L. Johnson


Friends With God Story Bible

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