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Focusing on Jesus isn't complicated. 

To help, here's a FREE 7-day devotional series centered on him.


Every morning you'll receive a new devotion in your email inbox. In each devotion, you’ll be invited to... 

  • read a short Scripture passage and an intriguing devotional insight, 
  • ponder a simple “Wonder” question that organically focuses your attention on the heart of Jesus, 
  • pray and connect with Jesus in a new way to grow your friendship, 
  • sink into a “word” from Jesus that relates to the day’s theme, and 
  • experience Jesus through a special “Do” prompt—try something simple, creative, and sensory-based that’s tied to your devotional experience. 

These devotions are easy to incorporate into your daily life—and they invite you into life-changing, life-affirming moments with Jesus. 

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