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Writer's Guidelines for Contributors

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Lifetree! Below are the details for submitting original writing to Lifetree.

We are not currently accepting writer submissions. Please continue to check this page for updates. 

Lifetree is a faith-based life and family resource site seeking to share the voice of real people who love Jesus and others. We understand firsthand that relationships are tough work, and we want to encourage spouses, parents, neighbors, friends, and Jesus-followers with real stories about what love and adventure look like in everyday life.

In other words, we are real people (not “experts”) and our voice is casual, funny, and hopeful (not professional or preachy).

The most important thing to us in our content is that it relates to our readers, so here’s a little bit about the women and men who read our articles and buy our products:

  • They’re spiritually open and are attracted to Jesus.
  • Many of them are Christians, but not all. Some are exploring faith and are drawn to conversations about faith and values, especially as it relates to their relationships.
  • They love the things you love: TV, sports, food, exercise, video games, coupons…
  • They are busy just like you, and they struggle to find balance in their lives.
  • They worry about their families and want the very best for them in every way possible.
  • They’re experiencing lots of highs but also lows in everyday life, and many are going through challenges right now. These challenges sometimes make them feel alone and discouraged.
  • They love to laugh and especially enjoy a refreshing poke of fun at life to balance out the stress.
  • Many are married and raising kids of all ages.
  • They represent a mix of traditional and blended families.
  • They like pizza. (Well, we assume they like pizza. We haven’t conducted a survey on this, but we’re pretty sure about it.)

Here are some general topics we publish stories on:

  • What it looks like to follow Jesus in everyday life
  • Creative stories about how faith has transformed our perspective or changed our relationships
  • Fun and useful ideas and activities for creating lasting memories as a family
  • How to navigate the new digital era with relationships, including marriage and parenting insights on internet safety, apps, gaming, and devices
  • Creative ideas for disciplining kids
  • Spiritual growth & character development
  • Time management, setting priorities, and finding your unique rhythm as an individual and/or family
  • Living as a blended family
  • Courageous stories about traveling through hard times
  • Hope and humor for marriages

What we look for (aka the qualities of good content):

  • 500-800 words (1,000 words max)
  • Quality structure (aka your story needs a clear beginning, middle, and end. Bullet points are welcome.)
  • A catchy headline that draws people in (ex. 6 Situations I Never Imagined I’d Face as a Parent and How I Dealt With Them)
  • A compelling question or action that invites the reader to engage

We know not everything will apply, but these are good questions to ask yourself while you’re writing:

  • Is this relevant? Will the reader think, “Yeah—this person totally gets how life/marriage/faith/parenting is for me.”
  • Does this post give the reader helpful advice/insight/ideas for how my story applies to their own situation?
  • Can I offer a tool or resource that they can print/purchase/paste on the fridge? Or a (non-cheesy) activity they can do as an individual or family?
  • Is this real and honest about the struggles and challenges of everyday life? Does this reflect how things truly are for me rather than how I think they should be?
  • Will this make the reader feel something? Will it make them laugh…cry…debate…forgive…etc.?

We are not currently accepting writer submissions. Please continue to check this page for updates. 

Additional Submission Guidelines:

  • Posts should be submitted as an email attachment file as a Word document.
  • Please be sure the body of your email includes your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Include a brief (2-3 sentence) bio. If you have a photo, send that too!
  • Please feel free to submit multiple ideas/posts in one email.
  • If you include other sources or quotes, please cite references.
  • If we select your article to be included on the site, you’ll receive the following:
    • a photo + byline with links to your website/blog and social media accounts

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