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(Podcast) Why your parenting shouldn't be judged by what you feed your kids

Episode 003: "They" say that the quality of your parenting is measured by what you feed your kids; Jesus says be free from judgment.

We don't have to tell you that moms feel guilty about a lot of things. According to social media and fancy surveys, one of the things we feel the most guilty about is what we're feeding our kids. We worry that it's not healthy enough, or "clean" enough, or varied enough. And we worry what other parents will think about our choices. Here's why we think all this worry needs to STOP.

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Resource Gush: Free 21-Day Devotional Series about Centering on Jesus

21 day devotion on centering on Jesus

True confession: I (Steph here!) wrote and designed this devotional series to get closer to Jesus. Selfishly I thought it would help me to hear his voice more throughout my day, and I justified the project by thinking maybe others would like to get closer to him, too. Friends--this series is a life changer for one very specific reason: Jesus. Shows. Up. I can't urge you enough to sign up and get started today.

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