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(Podcast) Overcoming anxiety about your kid's anxiety

Episode 006: They say feeling anxious about your kid's anxiety is inevitable; Jesus says there's peace and direction for you.

As parents there's nothing harder than seeing our kids struggle with persistent fears. And parents dealing with kids with anxiety face this challenge every day. In this episode, Kami and Steph shine a light on this seldom-discussed topic of anxiety in kids, tackle the questions we're afraid to ask (ex. is my kid mentally ill?), and offer a message of hope and peace at the end.

More from this Episode:

Resource Gush: SoulFeed, A Care Package For Your College Kids' Faith

SoulFeed AD

Kami mentioned that she is the founder and creator of SoulFeed. Specifically we talked about using SoulFeed as a way to connect with college students and keep your connection to them and also Jesus' connection to them. Whether you are a parent, aunt, grandparent or maybe there is someone who you have mentored and want to keep connected to them, this makes a great gift.

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