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Mission Trips + Teens = Transformation

Thanks for giving your teen the opportunity to be part of a Group mission trip this summer! We know firsthand the transformation that happens on trips like these (we were teens once, too!), and feel genuinely excited about the life-change that's happening right now.

Keep the Momentum Going

Parent, this is important: the process of life-change has just begun. The mission trip planted the seeds for change, and now they truly grow when your teen returns home and reflects on the whole experience.

You can help this process by starting meaningful conversations with your teen. Here's some tips for how to do it:

How to Talk to Your Teen About Their Trip

BE INTENTIONAL about setting aside time to reconnect and talk with your teenager when they arrive home.
TELL YOUR TEEN that you’re excited to hear all about his/her experience.
PLAN a special welcome home meal or time when they know they have your attention face-to-face.
AVOID auto, one-word response questions like “How was your trip?” and instead ask “wondering” questions that allow for an open-ended response and prompt “story telling.”

7 great sample conversation starters are:
•    What was the most (powerful, exciting, surprising, hilarious, awe-inspiring) moment of the trip?”
•    What surprised you the most about the work? The people? The trip?
•    What’s your favorite memory from this week?
•    What’s one new thing you learned?
•    What kinds of things did you do?
•    How did this week change the way you feel about Jesus?
•    How did this trip impact the way you see your own life?

Bibles, devotions, and books for teens to keep the spiritual momentum from camps going:

Teen Mission Trip Follow-up Ideas for Home

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