Read what our customers are saying about SoulFeed Care Packages!

To Kami and the crew at SoulFeed—

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how absolutely enjoyable your packages have been to my daughter Hadley. She adores them. Her roommates even get a little jealous when they see a new one arrive. She loves the way the devotionals tie into the little gifts and the fact that you include a thank you note already to be mailed out. The Thanksgiving package was probably her most recent favorite as it gave her a way to share the devotional with someone else. Thank you for helping this parent send care packages that are inspiring, fun and yummy. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for February’s package to arrive.  


 Brenda Webb (Grateful Parent)

Dear SoulFeed–I love the monthly parent devotion component!  I am new to soulfeed and didn’t expect to receive the verses and love too!  Keep it coming!

Thank you, Barbara

Dear Team Soulfeed-

As a parent, you are never fully ready for sending your college student away. You spend all of their upbringing teaching them the foundations of Christ and hoping that when they finally walk on their own they will remember and cling to HIS truth. College students love to get care packages and of course food always reminds them of home. However, SoulFeed has done much more than that. Along with the healthy, unique snacks they are always sure to enclose a fun, needed trinket that a college student would want as well as most importantly, some spiritual food. Whether it be devotions or some great verses, my daughter has continuously told me that they have been the joy of her week. As a parent, with all of the struggles our kids go through and the pressure from today’s society, it’s great to know that Jesus is entering her dorm room with every SoulFeed  package.

Because He Reigns, Jeannette Singer

Hi SoulFeed team—

My son loves receiving his Soul Feed boxes.  It’s an easy and economical way to send monthly care packages, and I love the spiritual emphasis!

Thanks for all you do–Best wishes!

Leslie Walker

Hi Team SoulFeed!

I cannot say enough good about SoulFeedcare packages!  Sydney is my first child to go off to college.  The fact that she chose TCU and is not close to home is both exciting and a bit unsettling.  The Soulfeed concept is brilliant.  The SF package encompasses exactly what a mom would want to send her child monthly: fun healthy snacks, timely spiritual encouragement, and little surprises to top it off.  Sydney is also gluten free so it can be a challenge to find healthy and great tasting GF snacks.  No worries with SF.  Finally, I am also encouraged as a parent.  The parent devotionals are amazing and really resonate with my heart.  In fact, I have shared them with many other moms with children away from home. The SF boxes encourage heartfelt connection between this mother and daughter. Honestly, I wish that I’d thought of the SF concept myself.  My soul and Syd’s soul are being fed, so thank you.

Keep up the good work. Many Blessings to you and Soulfeed.

Warmly, Alison Galloway

Dear SoulFeed

A friend of mine told me about SoulFeed in August before my daughter went off to GCU in Phoenix. So I looked up your company on-line to see what you were all about. I love that you are Christ centered. I saw what you put in the boxes and knew it would be a perfect monthly surprise for my daughter at college.  I did not tell her about it and she was totally surprised when the first SoulFeed box arrived. It made her day. She texted me pictures of all of the stuff inside the box.  I can tell that you put a lot of work into choosing what will go in each monthly box from the delicious, healthy snacks, the encouraging devotional material to keep their eyes on what is really important, and a fun surprise. My daughter loved the dancing flower, it made her smile. She reads the devotionals and encouraging material and enjoys the snacks very much.  She looks forward to her SoulFeed box each month and enjoys all of the “love” that is inside.

Team Soulfeed–Thank you for your time and effort to make this a worthwhile gift to my daughter each month.

God Bless You! Carol Ross

Dear SoulFeed friends—

My college student loves care packages and especially “SoulFeed” packages. I appreciate the thoughtful consideration given to the contents, unique healthy delicious snacks and encouraging verses and fun surprises. A major bonus is the input from their website as encouragement to the parents to help their student navigate through the challenges of the college years as well keep a healthy relationship with their student. 

Christie Linnartz

Dear SoulFeed–Okay, I am waaaaaay excited!!! What a wonderful ministry you offer.  Thank you for making it available for churches to be personally involved.  We will pass this blessing right along to our young college students.  Our church has a need for a program to reach our graduated/college level members.  We lose so many during this time.  I will meet with the important people at church and see if we can’t get this ministry off the ground by next fall.  In the mean time, I am ordering a box for my college son.  I’m sure he will be surprised and happy to be our guinea pig!  I pray your company continues to bless and touch young lives. Thank you; I look forward to calling you and getting something set up.

Melanie Walker, Women’s Ministries, Wesley UMC

Team SoulFeed–You guys are amazing! BTW- saw the packages first hand last week at Family weekend  – they are wonderful! Thank you !!!!!

Michelle Metry

Dear SoulFeed-I have included below the thank you I received from my son Garrett (he will be 22 in Oct). I had assumed my name was on the package. Lol. He texted me and asked if I knew who sent him the care package because he wanted to send a thank you note. I told him it was me and he said “I have to tell you the story” and today I received the email below.

I have attached a picture of what he received. Can I tell you his favorite thing is Milano cookies AND he prefers dark chocolate to light? He is REALLY into unique health snacks so the Toasted Coconut Chips are SO him! And of all the fun things to include someone put in the Super Hero shooter – he is a HUGE Marvel fan!! He has Captain America art on his walls. And what techie doesn’t love a phone charger? (He is a graphic design student)

The best part of this whole experience was seeing that it was our awesome God who was thinking of him! Because how else could all of those ‘coincidental’ items have been sent to him?

Just wanted to share and encourage you all at Soul Feed.

Keep up the Kingdom work!

Michelle Filbert

Dear mom (AKA “anonymous care package sender)

You have no idea how much this care package meant to me. I was walking home at lunch time after a very rough day. My mind was running wild with thoughts of overwhelming homework, the pressure of work projects, and emotions of wanting to be home. I was SOOO hungry (as I always am nowadays)! I eventually walked up to the front door and saw a package stuck between the screen and our door. My first thought was, “did I place my Amazon order?” And realizing what I would’ve ordered would have been bigger, I knew that it couldn’t have been mine. So I grabbed the package and brought it inside (thinking it was for one of my roommates). Being a curious and nosey person, I checked to see who the package was for. I was shocked when I saw that it was for me! I then checked to see who sent the package and it simply read “someone that loves you.” I almost started crying. I was so overwhelmed by the surprise! The package was filled with yummy snacks, a funny gag, a portable phone charger, and devotionals. All of the things that are necessary for survival in college! I even like & will eat ALL of the snacks! This meant so much to me and I just really wanted to express that to you.

Thank you so much! Love you!



Dear SoulFeed–I cannot tell you how thrilled my granddaughter is to receive her SoulFeed college care package each month.  She loves each and every thing in the package.  I am so happy to have a way to let her know how much I love her, and in such a special way.  

Thank you so much,

Linda Wood

To Whom it may concern: I am very happy with this service!  My daughter called me while she was opening her 2nd package.  So well done, thank you.  It is a nice surprise for her and she seems to be enjoying all of the unique goodies.

I’ll watch for your single serve option — would like to send this to my 25 year old daughter and maybe even my 82 year old mother who is in a nursing home.  It would be a nice surprise for each one.

Thanks again!

Debbie Hargadon