March SoulFeed Parent Devotion: For What It’s (Really) Worth

There’s probably a mathematical formula for determining how much more expensive our kids get as they get older. I’m no accountant, but it feels like I’ve added another zero to my kids’ annual expenses every year since they turned 16.

February SoulFeed Parent Devotion: Of Fat Bombs and F-Bombs

It’s different for every parent, but at some point we all have to let our kids make their own decisions. College is perhaps the most significant time when this happens.

Savoring the sacredness of the in-between season

I’m not good with goodbyes. When I dropped my daughter off at college during August of her freshman year, I thought my heart would never recover from the loss of her presence in my daily life. She lived in her college town year-round for 4.5 years due to her job and housing situation, only coming […]

The Difference of the Second Semester Goodbye

“Mom, SERIOUSLY? Why are you crying?” My son was shocked to see my tears as I pulled into the airport departure lane, dropping him off for his flight back to college for second semester. But instead of bolting for the curb to avoid the awkward moment, he set his duffle bag down and opened his […]

I Have Anxiety About My Daughter’s Anxiety and Here’s What I’m Doing About It