Lord, Take My Cup…Finding Hope in the Days After Letting Them Go

Last week I hugged my son goodbye at college and watched him walk into the next chapter of his life. It was hard. Really hard. But somehow I managed to make it back to the car, and I only ugly-cried for about the first few miles of the 10-hour car ride home. I rallied myself […]

September SoulFeed Parent Devotion: Losing Ourselves and Finding More of Jesus

[This article by Kami Gilmour was originally published in September 2015 on soulfeed.com. It’s now an excerpt from a chapter in her new best-selling devotional book, Release My Grip, Hope for a Parent’s Heart as Kids Leave the Nest and Learn to Fly (available in bookstores near you and at Mylifetree.com, ChristianBook.com,  Lifeway.com, and  Amazon.com.) I was at my […]

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When Love isn’t a Cord to be Cut

I could hear it in her voice. Beneath the conversation was an undertone that only parent radar could pick up on. She was down. Not in a concerning way, but I could detect a hint of melancholy as she told me about her day. This was a four years ago, and it was my daughter’s […]

Release My Grip. A Mother’s Prayer for College Drop-off

Lord have mercy—it’s the night before we take our son to college. This is his last night in the bed that he’s slept in for the past 18 years. Release me from lurking around his bedroom, but I just need to tuck him in one last time. (And release me from my urge to crawl into bed with him […]

A Letter to My College Freshman…Truth Inspired by a Baby Blanket

Someone once told me that a key to surviving college drop-off day was to write a heartfelt letter to your child and leave it for them to read after their parents’ departure. Because, of course, trying to say the words face-to-face to a child leaving the nest would likely induce an epic parental ugly-crying scene […]