Trust Us...They'll Ask--101 Questions & Answers


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Trust Us...They'll Ask--101 Questions & Answers

By Group Publishing

YOUR KIDS WILL THINK YOU’RE BRILLIANT! Our top-notch team of experienced ministry workers and parents have crafted answers that will satisfy your kids' questions…make you comfortable as you share…and open up ongoing conversation that draws you closer to them.

Get solid, satisfying answers to questions like these...

  • "Will I go to hell for masturbating?"
  • "I know God loves me…but does he like me?"
  • "Why is it a bad thing to put my middle finger up in the air?"
  • "Mommy—what’s oral sex?"

101 hot-topic questions in all--and 101 age-appropriate answers for your preschooler, elementary-age child, and preteen.

PLUS, you get insight-packed, relevant Bible passages to share with your children as together you explore God’s perspective on each topic!

Tackle your kids' toughest questions today—BECAUSE NOW YOU’RE READY


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