Pure Praise for Youth



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By Dwayne Moore

During this six-week Bible study, you are challenged to "go extreme" in your worship of God. You'll condition your heart and mind in ways you might never have thought possible. As a result, you'll have the privilege of knowing the God of the Universe and worshipping him more intimately and powerfully than you've ever imagined!

This relational resource will help you move past the idea of worship as just "singing and praying" and actually connect with God by using practical, daily exercises that encourage you to apply what you're learning about worship. It also instructs you in the biblical standards of why and how you should praise God.

About the author:
Dwayne Moore is the founder of Next Level Worship, a ministry providing worship discipleship resources to worshippers and leaders. Dwayne has led and taught worship for more than 35 years, speaking in over 1,000 churches and conferences.


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