Jesus-Centered Daily: See. Hear. Touch. Smell. Taste




This thought-provoking, sense-engaging, 365-day devotional will draw you closer to Jesus every day of the year.
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By Rick Lawrence

The Jesus-Centered Daily devotional invites you into a more intimate relationship with Jesus. You'll get to know his heart and come to truly understand and embrace the relationship he desires to have with you.

This engaging devotional experience starts with Jesus at the center, so you can focus on building a relationship with him on a daily basis in a more doable way. These daily devotions won't just help you think about your relationship with Jesus in a new way, but they’ll also help you come to know him as a close friend. He's not content to sit on the sidelines. He doesn’t want to be compartmentalized to church on Sunday or your morning devotion time. He wants to be right there with you, walking side by side.

Each day you’ll be immersed in a surprising insight into the heart of the real Jesus and what it means to really know him (not just facts about him) and follow him. In every devotion, you’ll...

  • read a short Scripture passage and an intriguing devotional insight,
  • ponder a simple “Wonder” question that organically focuses your attention on the heart of Jesus,
  • pray and connect with Jesus in a new way to grow your friendship,
  • sink into a “word” from Jesus that relates to the day’s theme, and
  • experience Jesus through a special “Do” prompt—try something simple, creative, and sensory-based that’s tied to your devotional experience.

This thought-provoking, sense-engaging daily devotional will draw you closer to Jesus every day of the year. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily life—and it invites you into life-changing, life-affirming moments with Jesus.

Makes a great gift for family and friends.


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