High School Devotional Bundle


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Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior High School Devotional Bundle

Set of four high school devotional bundle by Lars Rood. With this set of books, you are sure to address every stage of your high schooler. There will no question unanswered. Fully equip your teenagers for success with this set of awesome devotional books.

THIS IS IT: the beginning of a new adventure, a new chapter in your life, a new opportunity to forge your identity in a fresh setting.

YOU'RE NO LONGER THE NEW KID ON CAMPUS. But you also don't run the show. Welcome to your sophomore year of high school.

THIS COULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT YEAR OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL CAREER--but it may not always feel like it to you.

As a junior, you'll qualify for varsity sports, lead roles in performances, and leadership positions on campus. You'll feel a new sense of significance. Yet because you're not a senior, things won't quite feel perfect or resolved.

THIS IS IT! You've reached the pinnacle of the high school food chain! You've finally become a senior!

Now what?


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